The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon-The Book Of Carol Premiere set for September, First look Photos

AMC has switched from the summer premiere to an early fall premiere for The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon-The Book of Carol just ahead of its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier’s journey back to each other begins this September 29 at 9 p.m. EST on AMC and AMC Plus. The network shared two all-new photos for a look ahead at what to look forward to from this exciting new journey.

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The new season picks up right where season one left off, following fan-favorite Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Carol Peletier(Melissa McBride). They both confront old demons while she fights to find her friend and he struggles with his decision to stay in France, causing tension at the Nest. Additionally, Genet’s(Anne Charrier) movement build momentum, setting Pouvoir on a violent collision course with the Union of Hope in the fight for France’s future.

Last season, Daryl Dixon washed up on the shores of France with no memory of how he got there. As time passed he formed bonds with Isabelle and young Laurent, the future of France. While he grew to have a heart for the people who helped save and protect him, his mission has always been to get home, to the people he loves. Will that be the driving force of what causes tension at the Nest? He may in turn resent the two from keeping him from where he belongs.

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On the opposite side, Carol will stop at nothing to get her long-time best friend. A season ago, she sensed he was in trouble and wasted no time tracking the archers whereabouts to Maine. How will she get to France? Showrunner David Zabel already filled us in on the detail she is not arriving by boat. Knowing Carol she will use any resource necessary to get the job done. With her, you never know what you’re going to get. And that’s what is going to make this series so special to watch.

Along with Reedus and McBride the leads of Daryl Dixon-The Book of Carol are joined by Clémence Poésy, Louis Puech Scigliuzzi, Laika Blanc Francard, Anne Charrier, Romain Levi, and Eriq Ebouaney. The Book of Carol is executive produced by showrunner David Zabel, Scott Gimple, Angela Kang, Greg Nicotero, Brian Bockrath, Daniel Percival, Steve Squillante, and stars Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride.


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The series will be having its season two premiere in just two days at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 8th. Following the premiere Melissa McBride, Norman Reedus, and showrunner David Zabel will be on hand to answer questions from the audience. Something about the fall and The Walking Dead just goes hand in hand like we are going home again.


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