The story of Lorette is a simple one. Katie Harden started this source when there were absolutely no equivalents to it. While she has befriended the likes of Fangoria and other multiple horrors/sci-fi sources–there has yet to be something¬†female-fronted, with an emphasis on interviews and positive projects.

While there is a heavy lean towards horror, this magazine also spotlights important topics that involve other genres as well. There will never be a feature or write-up of exploitation films or anything of a sexist or otherwise derogatory nature for LGBTQ, etc, and will always be positive and have a message.

There is a large feature with AMC projects such as The Walking Dead (having allies and colleagues on the shows), Showtime’s Dexter, HBO’s And Just Like That, as well as big projects on Shudder, and independently-run projects and companies.

Katie’s work has been shown in The Walking Dead magazine, The Emmys, and many social media publications.

The name Lorette is French, it means many things. The most popular one was the 1910 Women’s Independence suffrage, along with a few others. Katie is the former editor of 1428 Elm Street, a horror source, and decided to take her own journey.

Katie is also professionally represented in New York and bi-coastal and is a member of AEA.