The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 2 teases a brewing battle in New York City

Many fans of The Walking Dead universe were never sure how a spinoff between one-time villain Negan Smith (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and fan favorite hero Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) would work. More tedious fighting over the past was the main concern. However, in Dead City, the chemistry between Cohan and Morgan have left fans on the edge of their seats wanting more.

When we left Maggie and Negan in season one, the mission of exchanging Negan in Hershel’s place for freedom was completed. But it did not leave Hershel unscarred. And though Negan was blindsided by the deal, his intentions to protect Hershel were still genuine.

These events will also put Negan in an interesting position, as he must now become one of Manhattan’s leaders. Does he become the old Negan that we knew from the past? Or will he become a different type of charismatic leader we’ve never seen before?

AMC has released a first all-new look at The Walking Dead: Dead City season two and we can already see the battle brewing between the gangs that are left in New York City. Season two will be premiering sometime in 2025.




In season one, Dead City followed Maggie and Negan traveling into a post-apocalyptic Manhattan, long ago cut off from the mainland, searching for Maggie’s kidnapped son, Hershel. The crumbling city is filled with the dead and denizens who have made New York City their own world full of anarchy, danger, beauty, and terror.

For season two, in a growing war for control of Manhattan, Maggie and Negan find themselves trapped on opposite sides. As their paths intertwine, they come to see that the way out for both is more complicated and harrowing than they ever imagined.

Which Negan can we expect in Season Two?

Now that Negan is thrust into a leadership role, it’s going to be gripping to see what kind of Negan will emerge. In season one, he had no problem putting the mask back on to do what had to be done for the mission. But the longer he has to play that role, that easier it could be for the man to get sucked back in and stay there.

For Maggie, she will have to dig deep within herself and find her strength again. She will be dealing with the aftermath of having a son who just went through so much trauma. As well as a community to lead. Negan is still hanging over her head, but she’s beginning to realize she has to learn how to let the Negan anger that consumes her go. Will she ever find peace? Or will she pay the biggest cost for her animosity?

Kim Coates will be starring as the new villain of the series. Not a lot has been disclosed on his character but the actor did admit on X his character is very disruptive in 5 out of the 8 episodes. Coates will be playing a character named Bruegel, a leader of one of the fiercest gangs of New York City.

Dead City also stars Gaius Charles, Željko Ivanek, Mahina Napoleon, Lisa Emery, Logan Kim, and Kim Coates. Showrunner Eli Jorne has been a writer and co-executive producer on The Walking Dead for several seasons also serves as executive producer for Dead City. Scott Gimple, Lauren Cohan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Brian Bockrath, Michael Satrazemis, and Colin Walsh also serve as executive producers for the series.


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