Samantha Baugnon’s our featured lady! A dear friend of mine, Niki Koss recently started her own production company called K Factor Films. I had the pleasure of meeting Niki while interviewing her and Zachary Gordon for their recent film Dreamcatcher. The unveiling of K Factor Films was an exclusive announcement… to that article.

Multi-faceted actor, producer, and K Factor creative executive Samantha Baugnon reveals how she started on this journey, her experience in The Greatest Showman without even a lick of musical experience and creating more future female-forward projects.

Samantha Baugnon
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Tell me about your involvement with K Factor. Where did you and Niki meet? What was the initial process like?

SB: Niki and I met years ago in an acting class and just hit it off! I have been working with her for several years now producing some of her short films as well as her feature directorial debut “Night Night”, which we shot in early 2020 right before the world went into lockdown.

My involvement in K Factor Films was such a natural progression because I had been a producer on most of the projects Niki had directed. We were at her house and she casually was like:

“It just makes sense that you are a part of the core K Factor team. Are you in?” and the rest is history.


What made you want to be a producer? And what do you think there needs to be more out there in the entertainment world?

SB: I never set out to be a producer, but it came so naturally to me. As an actor in this crazy industry sometimes there are periods of time where absolutely nothing is happening and I just wanted to be involved in anything creative.

“It was and is definitely a learning curve, but I love being involved in a project from start to finish.”

I’m very passionate about TV and Film and being able to work on something from the ground floor up is such a privilege. K Factor Films is all about diverse representation and giving people a real shot; whether that be behind the camera or in front of it.

We want stories that will impact every generation and plant seeds of change, no matter how small. Our team comes from different backgrounds in the entertainment industry and are very open to everyone.


How did you get involved with Night Night?

SB: I previously produced the short film “Then & Now” with Niki and when this feature came about she wanted me involved. It was my first feature to produce and was such a great experience.

What was it like to produce AND co-star? Was there an audition process?

SB: It was so fun to co-star in Night SB: Night! Niki knew I would kill as Nurse Courtney, so I did not have to audition for the part (which is very rare).

I had never acted and produced something at the same time, so it was a lot of juggling! I went from taking care of whatever needed to be done that day, right up until we were shooting my scenes. It was so fun and I will never forget it!


What gave you the idea for LALA Ladies?

SB: My roommate and best friend Karli Klein was really getting into writing and directing and had the idea of LA LA Ladies which we developed the series as a team.

She wanted to create something original that showcased our acting abilities. It was such a fun passion project to work on!

I love the Greatest Showman! Please tell me about your experience being involved in such a wonderful project!

SB: I never in my life thought I would be a part of a musical because I cannot sing for the life of me, so thank goodness no one had to hear that! It truly was a blast and such a cool experience.

It is one of those films that I truly love and can’t believe I was involved in, even in such a small way.

What was it like to get an award for Then & Now? It must have been a very proud moment for you. Was this a passion piece?

SB: One of the first awards we won for Then & Now was such a fun night that Niki and I will never forget. We were so honored just to be nominated that when we won we were not prepared at all!

It is so fun to see a passion project get recognized, and to see that people truly connect with something you make is a wonderful feeling.

What is your advice to other girls out there who want to produce? How do you even begin to start something like this from the ground up?

SB: I trust my gut 100%, so if you know producing, acting, writing, directing, etc. is what you were genuinely put on this earth to do… never give up!

“Even when things look bleak or nothing is coming your way, keep going, keep creating, keep putting your truth out there.”


Truth is recognized and will be seen. Your time is coming. You just have to keep pushing. I moved to LA when I was 20 and did not know a SINGLE person that lived here or ANYONE in the entertainment industry.

Over time, you will meet a lot of people and learn that Hollywood is just a small town and eventually you will cross paths with the right people.

Who would you like to work with that you haven’t yet?

SB: There are so many people I would love to work with from legends to newcomers! You heard it first though… I am manifesting working with Jodie Comer, Meryl Streep, Zendaya, Mindy Kaling, Greta Gerwig, Emerald Fennell and so many more!

“I love people who push the envelope and can’t wait for what is to come!”


Can we expect to see you go back to a purely acting role? Or are you going to continue multitasking like a BOSS for each future project?

SB: Hah! I always aim to be a BOSS at whatever I do, but acting is my first love and something I will always be passionate about. Regardless, you will continue to see me in every facet of the industry.

I am always pursuing acting, producing, and who knows what the future holds… if it all happens to be on the same project, it is just a bonus!

What’s next on your plate?

SB: K Factor Films has a lot of projects lined up for the future. I am particularly excited about Daisy which was written by the one and only Niki Koss.

“Just get ready, the entertainment industry won’t know what hit them!”

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