EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: NICK BERNADONE explains Morgan’s MIA group, Althea’s fate and a possible spin-off.

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Fear: The Walking Dead has given us a lot of beautiful and fascinating characters over time. But five in particular have stood out the most. This exclusive FIRST-EVER article explains via Nick Bernadone, writer/producer, that Isabelle Russo, Althea Szewczyk-Przygocki, Sarah Rabinowitz, Wendell Rabinowitz, and Jacob are all alive.



Recently, a fan approached Mo Collins (Sarah) on Instagram to ask about Sarah’s fate and Victor Strand’s (Colman Domingo) throwaway line about how Morgan’s group had refused to take his help and starved to death over time. Collins feigned surprise saying that famine really took them down.

Nick Bernadone has confirmed that Sarah, Josiah, Wendell, and Jacob are all still alive and kicking but were not in season eight.

There were multiple rafts and they all split up. Strand did not account for everyone involved.

This makes the utmost sense considering all three were able to survive in the apocalypse alone for quite some time. Sarah went off on her own, Wendell was brought to the tower and Jacob lived peacefully in his synagogue, even with a visit from Charlie and a horde of undead to keep him on his toes.

Mo simply humored the fan and has very much kept in touch with the writers. In a private conversation between me and Mo, she said that she did not want to make an official statement. Most likely in her past interviews, she was under a very strict AMC NDA, which explains her reactions on popular fan podcast, Squawking Dead.


Both Maggie Grace and Sydney Lemmon were unavailable for filming or they would have been included in the series. Last we saw them, they were on the run from the CRM. Al left her tapes and her MRAP behind, destroying her camera in the process.

Thanks to World Beyond, Anne (Pollyanna McIntosh), also known as Jadis, is set on taking over Major General Beale’s (Terry O’Quinn) job as leader of the CRM, but she is working closely with him as his right hand taking over Jennifer Mallick’s (Annet Mahendru) job and her mother’s. 

Noted: Kublek worked with Beale, while Mallick was oblivious to most of everything, Anne essentially says ‘So I can do all of the things that you couldn’t’ in a paraphrase. Two birds. One stone, double the pay grade.

With Elizabeth Kublek (Julia Ormond) in jail, this gives Jadis full reign to go after Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). Rick, we last saw in the trailer for Those Who Live dawns Dennis Graham’s (Max Osinksi) CRM jacket and clearly works in an outpost like Dennis led.

With Isabelle defying the CRM’s orders to save Althea and her friends, the CRM is after her and her helicopter. As we know, Al is excellent with coordinates, helicopters, and keeping under the radar.

They are forever on the run after leaving Beckett’s (Isabelle’s best friend and military partner) cabin in the Smoky Mountains, a character that was also confirmed in World Beyond to be Dennis’s best friend.

Because both Grace and Lemmon were unavailable for filming, they at least had their happy ending in Season Seven, and can officially be confirmed as alive and on the run.


My source has also confirmed that if enough fans make noise on social media, he will gladly lead a spin-off of Althea and Isabelle. If the fans want it, then it will happen. So listen up readers, viewers, and fans, make a petition, make noise on Twitter, Instagram, and wherever you can–and like Madison Clark’s return (Kim Dickens) it will happen.


Althea and Isabelle are alive and on the run from the CRM, both actresses were unavailable for filming. Sarah, Wendell, and Jacob are alive, surviving in the wasteland but they are also not in season eight.



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